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JAMES MOLONY  |  Podiatrist

James has over 11 years experience in dealing with
running related injuries. A runner himself, James takes a unique approach when treating sporting injuries of the lower limb. James holds a strong emphasis in identifying and correcting musculoskeletal weaknesses and imbalances while treating initial symptoms. Completing his degree in Exercise Science and Human Movement before his Masters in Podiatry, James' knowledge in strength and conditioning of the lower limb is extensive. 

Masters of Podiatry
Bachelor of Exercise Science/Human Movement
Certificate of Advanced Dry Needling
Strong Feet (Strength and Conditioning in Podiatry)

Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine
Sports Medicine Australia (SMA)


Treadmill Gait Analysis


Have you been running in pain for a while now? Do you find it hard to find the right shoes to wear? Have you just started running again and don't feel so great? 

A treadmill gait analysis is a great way to see how different people run. It enables the podiatrist to video the runner's gait and then watch the runner perform the movement in slow motion, frame by frame. A treadmill gait analysis gives the practitioner a great way to specifically identify possible contributing factors related to injuries and performance. It allows for the development of strengthening programs to be more specific towards the runners needs aiming to improve running technique and decrease the risk of injury.     


Dry needling, Manual Mobilisation & massage

Our feet are made up of 26 bones (per foot), 33 articulations and over 100 ligaments, tendons and muscles. Is it any wonder why running injuries in the feet are so common? 

While load management is one of the best initial treatment modalities when dealing with sporting injuries to the lower limb, other treatment methods can also be very beneficial. 

Manual mobilisation can be a great method to improve range of motion to many of the joints in the feet. Through the gentle mobilisation and manipulation of some of these joints in the feet together with controlled movements, where joints in the feet are taken through their natural motions, function and full range of motion can be with stored. In addition dry needling with massage often allows for soft tissue release, also aiding in improving quantity and quality of joint movement.   

Strength and conditioning

Unfortunately, chronic running injuries of the foot and lower limb are very common in many athletes. They can be extremely frustrating as often they cause a reduction in training, lengthy rehabilitation programs along with a loss in overall fitness. 

At the biomechanics podiatry we have a strong emphasis on strength and conditioning as a means for preventing sporting related injuries from occurring. We believe it is very important that all athletes not only perform strength and conditioning workouts as a means for the rehabilitation of current injuries but for preventative measures from new injuries from occurring.