Here at The Biomechanics we believe that all patients with foot pain deserve a comprehensive service to help them feel better and restore movement. It is our goal to deliver the latest treatments for all musculoskeletal foot and ankle injuries and provide the highest quality of care for those who require regular foot treatment. More information available on the following pages: 


Through an initial consultation we aim to provide a comprehensive assessment including diagnostic education with the latest treatment modalities to all patients. These may include;

  • Treadmill Gait Analysis
  • Massage and Dry Needling 
  • Joint mobilisation techniques 
  • Orthotic Therapy 
  • Exercise Prescription 
  • Taping strategies to reduce tissue load
  • Diabetes Foot Assessment

The following compensable schemes may be accessed with the appropriate referral
or coverage;

  • Private Health Insurance
  • TAC
  • Workcover
  • Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Medicare - referral required from a GP

 Concession rates are also available on presentation of your government funded concession card.

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Whether it’s walking to and from work, running errands, running after the kids or working out daily, today’s hectic lifestyle is forcing millions of Australians to spend more time on their feet.

Unfortunately, your feet can suffer as a result of all this rigorous coming and going and when foot or ankle injuries occur, you need to get medical help as quickly as possible or you risk long term damage and discomfort.

To alleviate yourself of this pain and discomfort and restore your feet back to health, you need to avail of the services of the best foot doctor in Melbourne.

Melbourne Podiatrist

Looking after your feet takes more than just the odd foot rub, application of foot cream or change of footwear; sometimes you need professional help from a specialised Melbourne foot clinic that offers the most effective podiatry in Melbourne.

Podiatry is a specialist area that deals with the evaluation and diagnosis of foot and ankle injuries and pain. A podiatrist is also qualified to look after patients who need to take particular care of their feet such as diabetes sufferers, arthritis sufferers and athletes.

Because of the long-term damage that can occur as a result of not looking after your feet, you should make an appointment to see a podiatrist in Melbourne if you are experiencing any kind of pain or discomfort in your feet or ankles.

The Best Podiatrist in Melbourne

At The Biomechanics, you will receive the best podiatric care and be sure that your feet are being fully and expertly looked after. When you visit our clinic, the best podiatrist in Melbourne can evaluate your symptoms and accurately prescribe the right treatment program for you.

We use all of the latest treatment modalities that you can expect from a high quality podiatry clinic such as treadmill gait analysis and the best orthotics Melbourne has to offer.

Our other services include dry needling in Melbourne, massage, taping strategies and diabetes foot assessments. These services are available to anyone suffering from foot and ankle discomfort and injuries.

Quality Melbourne Podiatry

To make it easier to access our services, our clinic also welcomes patients referred through Workcover, Department of Veteran Affairs and TAC.

We receive patients through the Medicare scheme once they have the correct referral from their GP and we offer excellent concession rates when you present your government funded concession card.

If you would like some more information on the wide range of podiatry services that we offer, why not drop into see us at the best Melbourne foot clinic?

Qualified Melbourne Podiatrists

Our clinic is located at 184 Barkley Street, Footscray, Melbourne 3011 and we are open 6 days a week with late opening Mondays through to Thursday for your convenience.

Alternatively, if you need heel pain treatment or any other treatment that would require you to make an appointment to see a Melbourne podiatrist today, give our clinic a call on 1300 920 520 and we will do our best to accommodate you.

The Biomechanics also offers Melbourne Clinical Pilates, Beginner Pilates Classes as well as Sports Physiotherapy in Footscray.

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