Lower Back and Neck Pain

Back pain is a common but horrible experience affecting up to 80% of Australia’s population at one point in their life with 10% of the population suffering severe disability. This can manifest with tight back musculature, sciatica symptoms into the legs or shooting pains into the thighs. In addition to this, neck pain (or cervical spine) contributes to a huge range of pathologies including wry neck, headaches, shoulder pain and shooting pains into the arms.

We approach Back Pain in a unique, evidence based way that has shown more effective results than traditional physiotherapy. Our 1 hour sessions ensure we assess not only your back but also your previous history, posture, lifestyle, movement patterns and psychosocial factors that are contributing and leading to the issue at hand.

As back pain can have many underlying mechanisms we ensure we don’t just treat the symptoms i.e. tight guarding muscles, but we get to the underlying condition and ensure you are moving away from reoccurring back pain. Our thorough exam during your initial assessment will highlight what is contributing to your pain and you will be prescribed exercises, release techniques and/or stretches to address this. 

McKenzie Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy is a strategy used to decrease back pain and improve the underlying issue with the spine. Simple movements may actually rid you of your back pain sooner than you think. 

Massage and dry needling may be suitable to decrease muscle spasm and some of the symptoms associated with back pain. These therapies accompany movement therapy and postural correction. 

Our Clinical Pilates is a step above what you will get at your local clinic. Why? Because we are up to date with the most effective methods of treating back pain. In fact our staff teach the teachers. You may have heard of or experienced people telling you to just work your “deep core muscles”. We know now that it’s not that simple. Co-contraction of all abdominal muscles in a balanced, co-ordinated way is imperative to decreasing shear force of our spine. To ensure that your core and postural muscles are balanced we will assess you individually in your initial assessment and provide a treatment plan that will provide you with the best results. 

Be in charge of your back pain now and book a session with The Biomechanics now.

*A 12 hour notice policy for cancellation or rescheduling applies to all appointments and services. Credit card or bank account details will be required at time of booking to secure appointment but will not be charged unless breach of this policy. The fee for cancellation is the full cost of the session plus a $3.30 administration fee.