Group Fitness but not as you know it

What makes our group training so good? Let us list some reasons for you;

1. Small group sizes - No more than 8 participants in each group. This ensures that everyone gets the attention and help they need from the trainer which means you can attend without the fear of getting lost or left behind.

2. We track your progress - The first week of the month is results week and two sessions will be allocated to checking your progress over the last month. These sessions are a fun filled challenge to make sure that you are progressing to where you want to be.

3. You become apart of our family - We care about your progress, we check in on you and we continue to make sure that you are happy with your sessions.

Sound good?

When you become a Groupie, you get access to 11 x 1 hour training sessions each week that are designed for you to ensure results and to keep you safe from injury – no matter your experience.

We guarantee you’ll leave each session feeling strong and inspired.

what is the Cost of Groupies?

$55.00 per week to come to as many of the 11 sessions each week as you like.

$250.00 for a 10 pack, this expires 2 months after your purchase date

$30.00 for a casual visit