You might ask the question, what could you possibly do for golf in the gym? Golf is a complex sport and if we examine our top level golfers they are composed of superior motor control, spot on movement mechanics leading to powerful movements, lean, efficient strength and possess optimal joint mobility. With all of our athletes individual programs are created and periodised specifically to address the athletes body, their competition dates and the athletes goals. Read more from one of our professional level golfing athletes, Grace, below.

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Grace, tell us about you, and at what level you are currently playing?
So my names Grace Lennon, I'm 23 years old and I'm a professional golfer. I turned pro last year and and at the moment am playing on the ALPG Tour, whilst also playing some events on the CLPGA and co sanctioned events for the Ladies European Tour. 

What are you currently training for and working towards?
At the moment my training is motivated by the summer of golf coming up, but my main goal is to play well in the European Tour school and gain playing rights on the Ladies European Tour.

What is your highest achievement?
My biggest achievement so far is playing for Australia at an amateur level and winning the Riversdale Cup (a 72 hole national amateur event) 

So I've heard you've hit a couple hole in ones, for most of us it is something we will never experience. Can you tell us more about those?
As you mentioned I have had two hole in ones, the first was at Terry Hills golf club in NSW when I was about 16. It was quite a windy day and we got to the par 3 6th hole, I hit what I thought to be a good shot, but as it was an elevated green and I couldn't see my ball I presumed it went over the back into thick grass. But thankfully one of the girls I was playing with looked in the hole and my ball was there. The 2nd one was in Morocco last year, and was a good shot. It took one bounce and went in the hole!

What initially brought you to The Biomechanics Elite Sports Consulting? 
Initially my partner Melitta was referred to the Biomechanics after having back surgery and initially was referred to by the local GP. Melitta came home raving about how good The Biomechanics was and suggested that I too go for an appointment.

What kind of training have you been doing with The Biomechanics?
For the past 2 months I have been doing the Elite Sports Consulting sessions as well as group sessions on a Wednesday. The main focus for me has been to reduce my weight whilst keeping up my strength. I've also been focusing on my mobility. 

What have you enjoyed the most about your training?
I really enjoying my training with The Biomechanics as I get pushed a lot more than what I would training on my own.

What is one thing you have learnt about since starting your training with The Biomechanics?
I have learnt a lot about how to train well and also learnt about nutrition and what it takes to keep fit and healthy!