SO many questions!

See below for the responses to most of the questions that you may have, please get in touch if you would like anything else answered.

+ How do i book?

You can book online through our website by following the bookings link in the menu above or through the MINDBODY connect app (this is a free app available for IOS and Andriod users). You can also give us a call on 1300 920 520 or shoot us an email at

+ A class that i want to attend is fully booked, what can i do?

If any of the classes that you are trying to book into are full, there will be a ‘waitlist’ option next to the class instead of the usual ‘book’ options. If you select the waitlist option then you will be placed in the queue for your chosen class and you will be notified (email or phone) if a spot frees up.

+ what is our cancellation policy?

All of our appointments have a 12-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel or reschedule your appointment within 12 hours or do not show for your appointment you will be charged in full. Credit card or account details are required to book your first appointment.

Pilates classes require at least 12-hours notice for cancellation. The full cost of the class will be deducted from your account if you cancel within the 12-hour period. If you have already purchased your class then you will not be able to reschedule.

+ Are there any forms that I need to fill out? What information do i need to provide?

Before attending any group training sessions or personal training sessions with us you will be required to complete a pre-exercise questionnaire. This will be either emailed to you prior to your first session or completed when you come into the studio. Any paperwork or information for individual appointments will be discussed with you when booking your appointment or during your first session.

You are required to secure your appointments with a credit card or bank account details and by doing so agree to our cancellation policy which is outlined above.

When signing up for ongoing sessions you will be required to set up direct debit payments and to agree to our terms and coniditions which can be found at at the bottom of this question list.

+ i have an injury or medical condition. what do i do?

During your initial appointment with us you need to give us information on any injuries that you have had in the past or that you currently have. We also need to know if you have any medical conditions that maybe impacted by exercise.

It is your responsibility to keep us updated on any new injuries that you have. If you are unsure on whether or not you should attend, please give us a call. If you are participating in a class, please let your trainer know at the start of the class

+ how do i get there? where do i park?

We are located in the middle of the main strip of Footscray at 184 Barkly St. It can get quite busy during the day, especially around luch time however; before and after hours appointments should have no issue finding a parking spot.

There is free 2-hour street parking all around us, as well as a car park on Droop St, which is directly behind us and has easy laneway access. There is also Coles and shopping centre parking a short walk from us, with a small fee for parking.

If you are coming by public transport, Footscray station is the closest and is an 8-10min walk away. There are also tram and bus stops within walking distance, check the public transport website for route numbers.

+ How do i change my appointments?

For any changes that you need to make to your appointments or membership please call reception on 1300 920 520 or send us an email, with your request. Remember that we have a 12 hour cancellation policy and fees will apply if you make changes within 12 hours of your appointment start time or do not show for your appointment.

Please do not call or reply to the mobile number that reminder texts are sent from. Confirming your appointments via this number is the only action that this number allows, any other information does not reach us.

Your practitioner or trainer will usually give you their mobile number so that you can get in touch if you have any questions about your session or exercises that they have prescribed you. As mentioned above, if you have any questions relating to your bookings such as rescheduling or cancelling, or questions about your membership or payments, please contact reception.

+ will i get reminders for my appointments/sessions?

Text message and email reminders are sent the day prior to your booked appointment. We ask that you follow the steps on the reminders to confirm your appointment, this will let us know that you are aware of your appointment and we will not have to give you a reminder call. Please be aware that responding to the text to cancel your session or by not confirming does not cancel your session and it will remain booked. You will need to call us on 1300 920 520 to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

+ I have approval through TAC or workcover for sessions. What do i need to do?

You will need to bring along, or forward by email, any documents that you have from your employer, insurer or TAC stating that you have approval for specific services. We will also need your claim number if you are claiming through WorkCover or TAC, or your case manager or representative if you are claiming through your employer.

If you do not have any of the above information you will be required to pay for your sessions in full at the time of your appointment for which we will provide you with an invoice to seek reimbursement from your insurer.

+ my gp has given me an enhanced primary care plan (epc). What do i need to do?

Please give us a call to book your first appointment so that we can make sure that you are seeing the correct person and answer any of your questions before visiting. You will need to bring along your EPC documents that your GP has given you to your session as well as your Medicare card and a bank card that has a savings or a cheque account. We are a private clinic and do not bulk bill sessions so there will be a cost to you. This will be dependent on whether you are a concession card holder and also what service you are coming to see us for, which can be discussed with us upon booking your appointment.

+ what facilities does your studio have?

In addition to the state of the art, high quality equipment, our studio provides bathroom, shower and toiletries for client use.

+ what should i bring along with me?

We provide gym towels for you to use during your workouts, however, you can bring your own if you would like. Please place any towels that you borrow from us in the laundry bags provided. Bring along a water bottle, we have a chilled fountain to help keep you hydrated.

+ what should i wear?

Comfy clothing that is breathable and you can move freely in is best. If you are attending a group session or personal training session, please wear trainers. Shoes are not required for Pilates groups however, please bring/wear socks.

+ what are our allied health and rehabilitation services?

Allied health refers to our Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology and Podiatry services. For more information on what each of these services involve, check out the Rehabilitation section of our website.

Your first appointment with any of our allied health professionals will be an initial 60-minute assessment, even if you have attended our practice and seen a different practitioner before.

+ What do our Groupies sessions consist of?

Our group fitness training classes, also known as Groupies, are the perfect option for clients who love a little variety and socialising in their exercise routine. Our sessions have been scientifically designed to ensure results and to keep you safe from injury- no matter what your experience level. With sessions ranging from circuit training to weight training and resistance to self-administered myofascial release, you’re sure to learn and workout in new and exciting ways.

Our group sessions run 11 times each week and have a maximum of 8 people per session, so you will get the assistance and attention you need from the trainer. Time table can be found here. Remember to let your trainer know if you have any injuries before the start of the class.

If you’re unsure if Groupies is for you, particularly if you’ve had a history of ongoing injuries, we strongly recommend having an initial assessment with one of our allied health practitioners. This session will cover your medical and injury history, which will then help us determine the best way to get you into our Groupies sessions.

+ How does personal training work?

Your personal training with us begins with an initial 60-minute health assessment. This session involves meeting with one of our trainers who will get to know your medical history, get to work on your goals and take some baseline measurements against which we can track your on-going progress.

From there, you’re able to choose the length of your personal training sessions- either 30 or 60 minutes- and how often you would like to train. Based on the length and number of sessions, and all they’ve learnt about you from your initial session, the trainers will then design completely tailored sessions, just for you.

We also offer the option of 1-on-2 and 1-on-3 sessions so if there’s someone else you’d like to train with let us know and we can set these up.

+ what if the trainer i'm paired up with isn't right for me?

Please let us know if you have any issues as soon as possible. Initially, we recommend that you have a chat to either your trainer or one of the other staff about why you think they’re not the right fit. Quite often, we find that we’re able to resolve the issue and the trainer can alter their training style to suit you and your needs. If this doesn’t help, we’re more than happy to pair you up with another trainer! Just come speak to someone at reception, or give us a call. We are here to help.

+ what sort of experience and qualifications do our trainers have?

We’re taken so much pride in developing a team that are real leaders in their respective fields, with the right experience, qualifications and the know-how. To get to know our team click here and have a read through our profiles, or pop in for a coffee and a chat!

+ small group pilates, how does it work?

Before attending your first Pilates class you will need to have an initial assessment with one of our allied health practitioners; physiotherapist, osteopath or exercise physiologist. This session will cover your medical and injury history, make us aware of any barriers or issues that you currently have and to introduce you to our Pilates program.

Pilates is an extremely flexible exercise system, and with our small group sizes, you can be given specific and individualised exercises to cater to your ability. These classes are a great way to have some social interaction, while also getting a workout that suits you and challenges you to get in the best shape possible.

Our group sessions have a maximum of 4 people per session which must be pre-booked and there are 8 classes per week, the timetable can be found here. Private health rebates are available with appropriate fund coverage.

+ How does the gym membership work?

Our gym is equipped with state of the art, high quality equipment and our team is always ready to help you, whether it be answering any questions or to advise you on how to best get the most out of your gym experience.

No matter what your goals, whether to improve your overall fitness, lose weight or optimise your sporting performance, our gym has all of the essential facilities to move and become the very best you can be.

+ ongoing terms and conditions for all services

By agreeing to ongoing appointments or sessions with us, you will be asked to agree to the following terms and conditions:

• All of my sessions, including group sessions, must be pre-booked • I must make my trainer aware of any injuries or medical conditions that I may have, that may impact on my participation in some activities • Gym membership is only available for use during opening hours as listed • A 12-hour cancellation policy applies to all of my sessions and if I cancel within the 12-hour period before my session, I will forfeit my session • My payments are done via fortnightly direct debit for my future fortnight of training. I am also aware of the third party fees applied to my payments outlined on the direct debit form. It is also my responsibility to make the funds available in my account for ongoing direct debits • Any sessions that I attend prior to my first payment will be added to my first scheduled direct debit, unless other arrangements have been made • Payments are ongoing and will continue until other arrangements are made, including: o Suspension: written notice, 48 hours before next payment is scheduled. One (1) fortnight suspension can be applied every twelve (12) weeks o Termination: two (2) weeks written notice is required to terminate and will only be accepted if I have no outstanding fees • I have a seven (7) day cooling-off for change of mind. No refund will be given for funds already paid, and any sessions that have been attended must be paid for before termination is accepted.