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Elite Sports Consulting

Weak? Slow? Small? SORT IT OUT…

The Biomechanics Elite Sports Physiologists utilise the latest evidence-based sports science research and state-of-the-art testing protocols to create training program specifically FOR YOU. 

Our baseline testing procedures will identify any deficiencies while identifying your strengths and chart a course of action to enhance your athletic performance.

We’ll maximise your athletic performance by emphasising functional movement, sport specific strength and power, and enhancing speed and agility specific to your sport. 

Whether you’re aiming to make the winning break at your local criterium or get the upper edge with your football, with our long-term athletic development coaching approach we will provide you the framework for you to reach your physiological potential - the rest is up to you! 

Check out what some of our athletes have to say;

*A 12 hour notice policy for cancellation or rescheduling applies to all appointments and services. Credit card or bank account details will be required at time of booking to secure appointment but will not be charged unless breach of this policy. The fee for cancellation is the full cost of the session plus a $3.30 administration fee.