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Pilates is an extremely flexible exercise system and with guidance from The Biomechanics you can be provided with specific and individualised modifications to cater to your ability. You will get the workout that best suits you and as your body conditioning improves so does the intensity to continue to get your challenged and in the best shape possible.

There are 2 ways for you to get your Pilates fix!

Clinical Pilates - Want some personal time? This session is just for you and one of our Qualified Clinical Pilates instructors. Your session is designed to give you our undivided attention to ensure your pain and movement is meticulously addressed. This is also a great introductory session to Pilates to help you to build your confidence and familiarise yourself with the equipment before joining a class. 

Small Group -  New to Pilates? Or quite experienced? Our maximum of 4 persons per class ensures you have specific exercise that is at the right level for your current ability and goals. This is a great way to have some social interaction while you exercise without losing out on specific attention to your movement and body.

*A 12 hour notice policy for cancellation or rescheduling applies to all appointments and services. Credit card or bank account details will be required at time of booking to secure appointment but will not be charged unless breach of this policy. The fee for cancellation is the full cost of the session plus a $3.30 administration fee.

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Clinical Pilates is based on a series of mat based exercises that have been adapted by physiotherapists to make them more suitable for those with back pain, neck pain and for those who are recovering from injury. It is a relaxing and gentle form of exercise, which focuses on the retraining and recruitment of your core stability.

At The Biomechanics Clinical Pilates Studio Footscray, our clinical pilates courses and classes are delivered on a one-to-one basis. This ensures that our clients and certified Pilates instructors can work together to ensure that all exercises are being completed correctly and can be adapted to the individual needs of each client.

By delivering classes in such a manner at our clinical pilates Footscray studio, we can give you our undivided attention and ensure that each movement or any pain that you are experiencing is addressed.

This ensures optimal gains, in terms of improving posture, core stability, balance, control, strength, flexibility and breathing, whilst minimising the likelihood of injury aggravation.

Clinical Pilates in Melbourne

As many people attending our clinical pilates Melbourne classes are beginners or are experiencing or recovering from injury, the one-to-one format helps to build confidence in your movement and familiarise yourself with the movements and exercises that best suit your ability.

As the leading clinical pilates studio in Yarraville and indeed the leading clinical pilates studio in Williamstown, we pride ourselves on delivering a thoroughly personalised program.

You will get the workout that best suits you. As your body conditioning improves so too does the intensity to continue to keep you challenged and in the best shape possible.

Clinical Pilates Classes in Footscray

Once you are feeling confident in your movement from taking the best clinical pilates classes Footscray has to offer, why not try our small group classes?

We keep class sizes to a maximum of 4 people per group in our small group classes, to ensure we can cater all exercises to meet the goals and abilities of every member of the group. The classes offer a great means of social interaction and exercise without losing out on specific attention from our experienced instructors.

At The Biomechanics clinical pilates studio, we’ve taken the time to develop a team that doesn't just have the experience qualifications and know-how to deliver the most exceptional clinical pilates classes Melbourne has to offer. They also deliver some spark and will keep you on your toes and having fun.

Rehab, Fitness and Sports performance doesn't have to be a scary prospect. Whether you are completely new to clinical pilates or you’re looking to bounce back from injury, we can help you achieve your goals.

Call us today to discuss our clinical pilates sessions and book your first session or drop into the studio and have a coffee. We would love to show you around!

The Biomechanics also offers Melbourne Personal Training, Beginner Pilates Classes as well as Sports Physiotherapy in Footscray.

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