How our Low back pain workshops Could change your life...

We see people with low back pain everyday. We see how much low back pain can impact everything that you do and our goal is to get you back into what they love the most! That’s why these workshops have been developed. 

Some of the most effective ways of treating back pain is through changing your perception of pain and helping to empower you to fix your pain!

Our workshops will cover…

  • What is pain?
  • Why do you experience chronic pain?
  • What contributes to your low back pain?
  • Individualized exercises
  • Open discussions
  • A variety of expert opinions and current research
  • Presented by physiotherapists and exercise physiologists who treat back pain everyday

Introductory price of just $150 for 8 sessions*

Follow the link below to book your place in our back pain workshops, we can't wait to meet you.

*sessions will be running on Friday evenings from 5:30-7pm across 8 weeks. Sessions are claimable through private health insurance under group therapy (health insurance codes 560 and 502) with appropriate coverage.